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Wood Creations

Jewel Boxes

We specialize in making custom and artisan-style jewel boxes -- of many styles. There are no assembly lines here. Each jewel box is made by hand, and hand finished. No two boxes are alike -- similar perhaps -- but not the same. The idea and style for a jewel box may be repeated may times, but no two boxes will be exactly alike. Although ideas may have come from books and viewing of other pieces all designs are adapted to accommodate construction techniques possible on my shop equipment and my sense proportion and style. We are now adding carved elements for interest and style. The sunflower logo on the upper left was carved to decorate a Mexican Style jewel box.

Carved elements are offered for our jewel boxes and are displayed separately to provide and idea of what we can offer to decorate our Jewel boxes and small furniture. Many of the designs we build are being altered to accommodate carved elements - particularly in the South West design series.

Furniture and Accessories

We have done a few items of furniture. Lamp, desks, drawer units, trays and other assorted projects. A shoe rack has just been added as of August 2005.

Clocks and Lamps

Mission lamps in cherry, Country style clocks in red Oak and more can be found here.

Carved Items

Carved items are normally produced for appliqués on Jewel boxes. However, we also have a relief drawing in the works,

Other Wood Items

We have made cabinets and tool boxes for different uses. The cabinets are for the traditional fruit cellar. The tool boxes are a desperate attempt to stem the gathering tide of shop clutter -- evident in the photos.

Wooden Items for Exterior Use

Lawn chairs, casual tables etc.

Turned Items

With a lathe you can create bowls, lamp stems, custom tool handles, candle stick holders.

Interior Trim and Moulding

Coming soon... A web page showing some interior trim work combining ceramic, brass and stained ak.

Links Page

If you are in the woodwork business or a supplier to the woodwork business you can request a link on our links page. If you have a web page we require a reciprocal link.

The Shop

We have a Ryobi BT3000SX in the shop along with a kit built drum sander and a few other goodies. Have a look if you want see how things are made here. The page has been updated to show the new lathe stand drawer additions.

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