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The cabinets below were made of birch plywood and stained a cherry colour. The tool box below was finished in clear Minwax Polycrilic The lathe table is made of 2X4 timbers and a Baltic Birch plywood top.

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Cabinets Closed

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Preserves Cupboard

The cabinets are made of birch ply with a cherry stain finish and a clear top coat. The door frames are made of Pine with glued in biscuits to provide strength. The cabinets were intended to be used as "rough storage". Screws as well as glue hold the cabinet together as preserves can be quite heavy.

A second view of the cabinets with open doors showing the preserves and pickles. The cabinets were intended to be used in a basement location and were built to "rough cabinet" standards.

The sides are drilled to accept adjustable shelving.

Hinges are good quality for this application.

Toolbox with Dovetail corners

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Tool box

This tool box was made with dovetail joints for strength on the sides. The bottom of the box is plywood and is fastened with glue reinforced with eight biscuit joints -- three on each side and one in each end. The handle is made of maple dowel and is reinforced at the ends with an additional wood element - carved as a simple bass leaf.

An additional view of the tool box.

A third view of the tool box under constructionwith the elements clearly showing.

Toolbox with Dovetail corners

Hardwood Dovetail drawers

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Lathe Stand

This table was made to be sturdy -- since it supports the lathe. It incorporates half lapped dovetails on the legs, and full dovetails on the table top support frame. The top support for the legs are simple glued half -lap joints - as they will mostly be under compression. The angled half lap supports the leg and counters and twisting motion.

Constructing a half lap is shown here -- half lap joint before finishing.

The bottom cross-member is not glued -- but has a mortise and tenon joint with a peg to tighten the joint. It will shortly (eventually) be the support for the "drawer box" which will house the tools and parts for the lathe.

The table is large enough to accommodate the bed extension for the lathe.

The leg assemblies and bottom cross member are removable to facilitate moving the table.

On first use it proved to be vibration free and stable.

Lathe Drawers: The top drawer is plywood with finger joints (box joints) and an Oak false front. The remaining Lathe drawers are birch hardwood, plywood bottom panel and dovetail construction. A front view of the drawers showing the lathe with the bed extension providing a 39" spindle-making capacity.


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