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The best way to reach us is through email - and our web pages. Send an email to woodworker@pmccl.com. We mormally reply within a busines day.

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You can request a place on our Links Page by sending an email to woodlist@pmccl.com. All links are placed at our discretion. We refuse the right to accept or reject a link request for any reason whatsoever.


Phone +1 289 231-8660, in Bradford Ontario, Canada.


Where is Bradford Anyway? Why we are "just north of Toronto -- approximately 60 KM (35 miles) , and 40KM south of Barrie Ontario. Or if you like maps, you can try Latitude: 44 degrees 7 minutes North, and Longitude: 79 degrees 34 minutes West. If you are using an older atlas, we are easy to find. A newer (consumer edition) atlas seem to assume that you can't use and don't need the Lat/long system. Good luck!

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