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Lawn Chair and Deck Furniture Designs

The lawn furniture shown here was made for a smaller person. This furniture was made of white pine as it will be taken in every year.

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Lawn furniture

The furniture shown here has been used for three years. One season it was exposed to outside elements for the majority of the winter season to test "wearability". The original finish was not satisfactory, and it was change to UV blocking polyurethane clear coat.

Small Lawnchair Stained Green Lawn Chair

Lawn chair made of white pine and stained green. Finished with UV blocking polyurethane.

A three quarter view.

A small Casula Table Small Casual Tables

These tables are designed for light duty - holding books and drinks. Finished with UV blocking polyurethane.

A second view

A casual Foot and Leg Rest Foot rests and Leg rests

These footrests are design for light and casual use. They are finished with UV blocking polyurethane.

A second view


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