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Jewel Boxes of Bradford Traditional Style Jewel Boxes

Traditional style boxes have relatively clean lines, square form factors and usually have some trim elements. They will typically use traditional style hinges.

These are simple designs - devoid of clutter, and fit into many decors.

Picture Description and Construction Pricing
Traditional Style Keeper box with molding

Click on images to see a larger version.

This keeper style box was made of Ontario White pine. The moldings were custom made to suit the size and style of the box. The lid panel floats in a mitred frame to allow for wood expansion.

Second view of the Traditional Box with Lid open.

The finishing is "distressed" style to emulate antique or heritage style of wood working found in furniture made in the colonial style of Upper Canada woodworking. Stain and wipe on polyurethane top coat were used to simulate the "varnish" style of this period - rather than cope with the extended drying times of traditional varnishes.

Newer versions:

  • Rather than a loose lid, any newer versions of this box will be made with blind hinge pins.
  • Also, I will add decorative carving elements for interest - depending on what is wanted. Another improvement might be "carrying handles" for the end panels to give it a chest appearance.
  • Last, harder woods will be used in any new versions - Ontario grown White Pine is too soft to hold the sharp edge details well.
Traditional Jewel Box -- Inprogress

Traditional jewel box of walnut and cherry in progress


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