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Jewel Boxes of Bradford Classical Style Jewel Boxes

Classical style boxes have strive for clean lines, rectangular form factors and usually have some simple elements. They will typically use traditional or an elegant hinge style -- perhaps hidden or unobtrusive.

These are simple designs - devoid of clutter, and fit into many decors.

Picture Description and Construction Pricing
Classical Style Jewel Box

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This classical style box was made of Ontario cheery, walnut and maple. The lid panel floats in a bridle joint frame to allow for wood expansion.

The lid is made of a cherry panel with a centre insert of walnut, maple, walnut, maple, walnut interleaving. The maple is spalted wormy maple and as it turns out had an element of "curl". The original plan was altered to give it a slightly oriental flavour. The proportions were subtly altered, and in particular the top was changed as was the hinge style.

Partitions and trays will be added.

Three -quarter view of the Classical Box with lid open showing the hidden barrel hinges. In this view the inserts and floor of the box have not yet been installed

A front view of the box -- showing the features of the top panel.

Another front view with lid openof the box -- showing the aromatic cedar inlay for the floor. The cedar will eventually turn a brown and cream color

The finishing is Deft Penetrating Tung Oil on the cherry and maple portions. The walnut has a unifying walnut stain applied harmonize the colour variations, with the Tung oil as a top coat.

Traditional Jewel Box -- Inprogress

Classical jewel box of walnut and cherry in progress


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